Tank cleaning specialist

Our company offers a wide range of tank cleaning services to meet your needs in the expected time.


To become, for the operational sites, the service provider in the preferred Oil & Gas sector, providing services at the highest level, adding value to your business with a highly motivated, trained and competent ANGOLANA work team, without compromising the Safety, Health, Environment or Quality.


ECIRALC SERVICE PROVISION was born to make your life easier. With years of experience in providing services to the oil industry, we have been able to develop the most efficient and effective solutions, with the highest quality and excellence.


We integrate international level technical competence and know-how for the execution of our projects in Security, in an environment without incident.


Eciralc service provision specializes in cleaning tanks used to store dangerous chemicals, crude oil, sloppy wastewater, asphalt and other products.


We make available to customers the most appropriate alternatives to their needs, using carefully the most advanced technologies on the market. It seeks excellence by adding continuous improvement in all processes and areas of expertise.


Tank cleaning

The solutions of our tank cleaning service were made to always obtain the same results.

Tank cleaning is crucial for ship owners and operators to manage their vessel more efficiently.

Our high-tech equipment and professional team carry out all types of cleaning work for your vessel.

After work, we deliver the tanks to the crew. Without wasting time with our 7/24 service before starting to clean the tank in the services, the professional team informs the plant manager about the dangers and special requirements and safety meetings are held regularly during the work and cleaning of the tank.


In all of our laboratories, the quality of the analysis is ensured by highly trained and qualified technologists.

Our approach to hiring the best people and providing advanced training improves our development of engineers and specialists.

The result is an analysis with exclusively valuable perspectives. Standardized processes, based on industry best practices, further support efficient and accurate data quality and analysis.

Scientific rigor and attention to detail allow Eciralc to provide accurate and clarifying information that can help you better understand what you are looking for.

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