Founded in 2005, the company Eciralc Prestação de Serviço has been growing in the Angolan oil industry, offering specialized products and services at the local level. By combining local entrepreneurship with international know-how, the company has proved to be very important for the Angolan industry, asserting itself as a privileged supplier to the national oil industry.

Eciralc Prestação de Serviços specializes in cleaning tanks used to store dangerous chemicals, crude oil, sloppy wastewater, asphalt and other products. Our company offers a wide range of tank cleaning services to meet your needs in the expected time.


To become, for the operational sites, the service provider in the preferred Oil & Gas sector, providing services at the highest level, adding value to your business with a highly motivated, trained and competent ANGOLANA work team, without compromising the Safety, Health, Environment or Quality.


ECIRALC PROVISION OF SERVICE was born to make your life easier. With years of experience in providing services to the oil industry, we have been able to develop the most efficient and effective solutions, with the highest quality and excellence.   And behind that quality, you will find people. People who work hard to make complicated things uncomplicated. Innovative people, with focus and knowledge. People you can count on to be by your side.


We integrate international level technical competence and know-how for the execution of our projects in Security, in an environment without incident.

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